Why do I need a water softener?

Well water picks up calcium, magnesium, and iron as it naturally passes through the ground. These minerals are usually not harmful to our health; however, they can be very damaging to the plumbing in your home. These minerals cause the water to be “hard” which can lead to dry itchy skin and hair follicles. A water softener removes these minerals from the water supply making the water “soft”. Soft water makes your skin soft and smooth and helps alleviate dry itchy hair. It also allows soaps to larger more reducing how much soap is required to properly clean, it also protects your water using appliances from scaling and breakdowns.

Is my water safe to drink?

Both city/municipal and well water are not safe to consume without proper treatment. Well water picks up contaminants from the ground prior to entering your home this could lead to bacteria and harmful chemicals/pollutants being present in your water supply. Water softeners and sulfur filters are filtration systems meant to clean up the water and make it more usable for everyday tasks, however they are not recommended for drinking purposes.

City water contains chemicals used for the prevention of bacteria, though these chemicals are effective they are also just as harmful to our health as the bacteria they are treating. Whether you are on city or well water a reverse osmosis system is recommended for drinking water purposes. These systems come in multiple variations to fit any budget from point of use under the kitchen sink all the way up to industrial size systems treating the water at your local store.

How much salt should my softener use?

This depends on the valve type and size of your water softener. There are two types of valves on water softeners- time clock and metered control.

A time clock is set to regenerate, as the name suggests, based on a time schedule, typically every 3 to 4 days. Even if you are away and don’t use any water, the unit regenerates and uses salt and electricity, for your pumps and causes unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment

The Metered Type is set at a predetermined number of gallons, based on the capacity of the unit and the hardness of the water entering the unit. The meter turbine keeps track of the volume of water flowing through the tank and only sets the unit to regenerate when the capacity of the mineral is met.

Are all water systems the same?

The simple answer is no. Most water systems have the same basic functions; however, the quality of the systems and their components varies substantially. The cheaper systems are made of inferior grade materials and do not hold up well in the Florida sun. Patriot Water System’s use only the highest quality systems from the most reputable company on the market. Our systems are manufactured in the USA and assembled in Fort Myers, FL.